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Re: upload to master or ftp-master

Davide Puricelli <apurice@tin.it> writes:

> You have to use ftp-master aka auric, not master, Developers Reference is correct.
> Why dupload still uses master instead of ftp-master?
> See http://bugs.debian.org/dupload, it's a bug reported several times.

package config;

$cfg{"ftp-master"} = {
	fqdn => "ftp-master.debian.org",
        login => "henry",
	incoming => "/org/ftp.debian.org/incoming/",
        mailto => "debian-changes\@lists.debian.org",
        mailtx => "debian-devel-changes\@lists.debian.org",
        visibleuser => getlogin() || $ENV{USER} || $ENV{LOGNAME},
        visiblename => "",
        fullname => "",
        method => "scp",


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