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RE: dh_installman and X11 apps

On 10-Mar-2001 Wouter de Vries wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering how to install man pages in the X11 man directory with 
> dh_installman. I have read the manual, but it is not in there. Lintian
> keeps giving me warnings about the manual being in the wrong place, so
> now I put the X11 app in /usr/bin (shame on me!).. Please help me out.

You're not supposed to put the manpage wherever you want to, even if it is a X
program. dh_installman puts the manpages into their respective sections, e.g.
if you have foo.1, it'll be but on section 1. If you have foo.1x, it'll be but
at /usr/X11R6/man/man1 for being in X's section 1.

(Please correct me if wrong)
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