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Re: keeping files from one version to the other.

Julian Gilbey wrote:
> No, it isn't at all.  Any configuration files MUST reside in /etc.
> These are not configuration files (the sorts of things used to
> configure a package), but score/state files, if I recall correctly.
> So how about this scheme:

conffile != configuration file

There has been a consensus recently (for reasons that I don't remember
at the moment) that binary score files and such used by games should not
be managed as conffiles. That applies to crafty, but crafty is worth an
exception to the rule (which is not stated in policy anyway) because 
these files are *big*. 

-rw-rw-r-- root/games  4442112 2001-02-20 22:08:02 ./var/lib/crafty/book.bin

Requiring these be two copies of that file would be bad. Of course the
conffiles mechanism will result in multiple copies of it anyway if the
contents of the file as shipped in the package ever change..

see shy jo

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