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Re: Policy and conffile editing


On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 02:02:53PM -0800, Aaron Lehmann wrote:
> It seems this is at odds with policy, which prohibutes the automated
> editing of conffiles (such as squid.conf). This is a bit ironic, since
> asking 'Would you like to enable this package by inserting a line FOO
> into /etc/squid.conf? [Y/n]' is much cleaner than printing a note 'You
> must run the script /usr/sbin/setupthispckage to enable this package'.
> While both of those would acomplish essensially the same thing, only
> one would be permissible by policy.
> What should I do in regards to editing this conffile?
You should not change (semi-)automatic the squid.conf by asking
debconf questions. Those changes are vital and the admin should
make these changes by hand.
Take a look in login.app. It displays a message to change your
inittab accordingly (change default runlevel for example).

If you really think you want to change this automatically, you can ask the 
squid maintainer to remove /etc/squid.conf from his conffiles. Then
ask him to include a configuration script in his package which modifies
squid.conf accordingly. Then use this script to make your changes (for
example update-inetd is one such script for /etc/inetd.conf).


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