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Building packages

Hello. I have two, simple, questions about building a Debian package using
dh_make and dpkg-buildpackage.

First question, when I use dh_make how can I get it to insert as revision
number? I've read the man, the docs, and so on, and can't find this. I mean, if
I have a package <foo>-3.2 dh_make returns as package version foo-3.2-1 so if I
want to add a revision number, say foo-3.2-2 how to do this? I tried lots of
things, but numbering the package foo-3.2-2 before using dh_make makes the
package get called foo-3.2-2 rather than just foo.

Second question, when using dpkg-buildpackage, it creates the diff. But when
I've changed a few files (such as .c ones) and have some change files in
different directories in the source tree (say .../foo and /bar) I get some diffs
but not all the changes, and not the changeas I've made to .c files and such
things as Makefile.in. What am I doing wrong, or not doing?

All help, suggestions, comments, much appreciated. Thanks

Holgar Ostermann

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