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Re: question about libraries in packages.

>>"Aubin" == Aubin Paul <aubin@punknews.org> writes:

 Aubin> Hmm... I'm actually quite familiar with CVS (we use it extensively at
 Aubin> work) So, the idea would be that I'd keep the pristine sources in a
 Aubin> branch, apply my changes in a 'version' and maintain the debian/ stuff
 Aubin> in another branch? Sounds good, but I've usually just made my changes,
 Aubin> made a diff, and patched the source with the diff and the debian/
 Aubin> stuff. I suppose as I maintain more complex changes, it might be
 Aubin> useful?

	cvs-buildpackage defaults to putting the pristine sources on
 the vendor branch (1.1.1), and the debian revions are on the trunk. I
 generally tend to create branches for my packages at freeze times; so
 I have a hamm branch, a slink branch, a potato branch for most of my

	Most of the other issues can be handled with proper use of tags ..

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