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Re: ITP bug closing

On Sat, Jan 27, 2001 at 02:16:36PM +0000, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Gustavo Noronha Silva (KoV) <dockov@zaz.com.br> [20010127 03:10]:
> > > Or 81745-done@bugs.debian.org, with an explanation in the text.
> > ok, I did what Martin said, with subjet "already uploaded"...
> > I thought it was not the right solution, cause I read it in
> > some doc, that one should avoid using the email way of closing
> > bugs... thanks =)
> Yes, closing a bug with the control@bugs.debian.org method is usually
> a bad thing, but ITP bugs are special cases because usually the bug
> submitter and the one closing the bug is the same person.

It's a bad thing because the submitter just gets a message that it's
been closed with no more explanation than that.  The "proper" ways to
close a bug are:
(i)  "closes: #nnnnn" in the changelog if the upload fixes the bug
(ii) Mail to nnnnn-done@bugs.debian.org or
     nnnnn-closed@bugs.debian.org with an explanatory message.  This
     can also be done instead of (i) once the package has been
     uploaded, but (i) is the preferred way to do it in this case



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