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Re: creating man pages

Summarising what people have said, seems to me the easiest thing for
occasional tweaking of existing man pages is to use a text editor, with
guidance from the HOW-TO, man 7 man and example man pages.  The gui editor
gmanedit may be helpful too, I'll have a look at that when X4 gets working.

For writing a full man page from scratch, the SGML route with one of the
docbook-2-man tools is probably nicer, I would think. The perl-pod approach
would probably be easier than writing from scratch too.

A couple of you mentioned that my SENDER header is wrong.  Now that you
mention it, I can see the problem.  I sort of know why it happens, but I'm
not sure what to do about it.  It comes about because I bought a domain from
gandi.net (they're Open Source friendly, by the way).  I got it mainly so
I'd have my own mailing address, independent of ephemeral ISPs.  In the
future I hope to have my own server to point it too, but for now incoming
mail to dparsons@emerall.com just gets resent to a different address, where
I pick it up via POP.

But that should only affect incoming mail.  When I send a message, the
default sender drew@strider gets remapped to dparsons@emerall.com by exim,
using /etc/email-addresses.  That's how the From: header in my messages gets
defined.  exim is supposed to do the SMTP handling itself, direct with the
mail server its sending to, not so?  But for some reason the Sender: header
gets changed to drew@strider.redir.gandi.net.  I don't understand why that's
happening, since I'm not sending mail through gandi.net, only receiving it.

As for the Mail-Followup-To being set to just "drew", that's a mutt problem,
isn't it?  Setting the "followup-to" variable? I'll try changing it right
now.  It might take some experimenting.  It looks as though mutt is putting
both "me" (incorrectly) and the mailing list into the Mail-Followup-To header.
Maybe I'll need to explicitly set the Sender: header using mutt's config
file too? 

Thanks for the advice,


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