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Re: New scsiadd packages - advice sought.

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Dave Baker wrote:
> Just out of the NM queue, I've put together some scsiadd packages and
> wondered if someone could take a quick look over them before I upload 
> to make sure they're up to par.
> I've gone through the maint-guide process to build the packages, so
> they're lintian clean but I'd like a second opinion :-)
> One question I have is with the 'watch' file.  I'm not certain how it's
> meant to work with an http:// source - can it snarf links from a 'regular'
> HTML page that contains download links or does it just work with file 
> listing type http responses.  the man page doesn't seem to make this clear
> so if anyone can enlighten me I'd be grateful.
> The files are at http://devbrain.com/scsiadd/ 
> If no-one has any suggestions I'll go ahead and dupload them.
i noticed that there is no Build-Depends line in debian/control. although
it doesn't look like your package uses anything esoteric, it's not a bad
idea to add a Build-Depends line.

and it will cut down on the automatic bugs filed by the build daemons.

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