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New scsiadd packages - advice sought.

Just out of the NM queue, I've put together some scsiadd packages and
wondered if someone could take a quick look over them before I upload 
to make sure they're up to par.

I've gone through the maint-guide process to build the packages, so
they're lintian clean but I'd like a second opinion :-)

One question I have is with the 'watch' file.  I'm not certain how it's
meant to work with an http:// source - can it snarf links from a 'regular'
HTML page that contains download links or does it just work with file 
listing type http responses.  the man page doesn't seem to make this clear
so if anyone can enlighten me I'd be grateful.

The files are at http://devbrain.com/scsiadd/ 

If no-one has any suggestions I'll go ahead and dupload them.



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