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Re: What to do with optimization flags ?

On Mon, Nov 27, 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> IMO, the better way would be if the CPU intensive portions were in a
> shared library (even if the library is only used for this application).

> Then you could have one binary program, and do what libc6 does for
> optimized libs:

   This looks very elegant, but I'm afraid that the performance gain
brougth by the 686 compilation might get countered by the lost register
caused by -fPIC. 

    I'll have to investigate, which won't be easy since the app is
multithreaded and I know no gprof-like tool for threaded apps. Does
anyone know one ?

> Note that it is very important that you recognize other archs in your
> build (IOW, only do this on i386, and not powerpc). However, sparc
> does support a /usr/lib/v9/, if you are interested.

   I'll bother about other archs later, since I'm not even sure of the
endian-cleanness of the code yet :)

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