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Re: Building against old libraries

#include <hallo.h>
peter karlsson wrote on Sun Nov 26, 2000 um 02:10:44PM:

> I have a program that is building against Qt 2.1 that I would like to
> upload, but I notice that only Qt 2.2 is available in woody, and I
> would prefer not to install Qt 2.2, since it requires XFree86 4.0.1,
> which removes a number of programs that I use regurarly.
> Should I
> 1) upload the package linked against Qt 2.1?
> 2) find a "bleeding-edge" woody i386 debian.org machine that I can build on?
> 3) only upload the sources?

4) got the source of libqt2.2 and recompile it in your environment. But
don't forget, this is not the best solution. You should develop your
packages in the same environment as the package should later run in.

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