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Re: Build problem with `debuild -rsudo' and LD_LIBRARY_PATH

On Sat, 25 Nov 2000, Steve Dobson wrote:
> The make files use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to pick up the libraries that have just been built.
> However, as I run `debuild -rsudo', the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is of course ignored as the 
> building is being performed as root (why? -- isn't this a bug?), and the execution of

For security reasons. LD_LIBRARY_PATH is an one-step root compromise if a
user can set it and then run a suid root binary... Therefore ld.so ignores
it when root, and only links to libraries configured as trusted (i.e. in
directories listed in /etc/ld.so.conf).

> Is there a standard way of getting around this method in debuild?

I don't know if there is an standard method, but have you tried building the
package as non-root under fakeroot?  Maybe that'll do the trick.

> Should I raise a bug against devscripts as compiling of libraries and commands
> shouldn't be done as root?

Well, I also loathe building things as root, and fakeroot has been doing the
trick for me for a while. Try it before filing the bug, because one would
have to code a lot of stuff to get around the need to build .debs as a
normal user (i.e.: non-root and not under fakeroot) AFAIK.

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