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Build problem with `debuild -rsudo' and LD_LIBRARY_PATH


I am a NM and I have just announced by intention to package ORBacus which I use at

The make files supplied with the software build some dll libraries, then some command
and then go on to build more dll libraries and commands using the software already

The make files use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to pick up the libraries that have just been built.
However, as I run `debuild -rsudo', the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is of course ignored as the 
building is being performed as root (why? -- isn't this a bug?), and the execution of
the commands, and hence the build, fail because the new commands can't find the 

Is there a standard way of getting around this method in debuild?

Should I raise a bug against devscripts as compiling of libraries and commands
shouldn't be done as root?

Thanks for your advice.


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