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Build-Depends problem with Apache::Request


I don't know how to handle the following situation:

I'm creating a package for the Perl module Apache::Request
(in libapreq). This module requires /usr/bin/apxs so that
it can find the header files (from apache-dev) at build time.

All works well if you have installed apache and libapache-mod-perl
(and apache-dev, of course). But if apache-perl is installed
(instead of apache and libapache-mod-perl), libapache-request-perl
can't be built because it can't find /usr/bin/apxs.
libapache-mod-perl provides the path to /usr/bin/apxs in
Apache::MyConfig, but apache-perl doesn't. So libapache-request-perl
can be built if apache and lib-apache-mod-perl are installed, but not if
apache-perl is installed instead.

Of course I could just make libapache-request-perl bild-depend on
apache and libapache-mod-perl. But the problem is that the
package apache-perl provides apache and libapache-mod-perl itself!
So the build-depends of libapache-request-perl would be satisfied.
How can I handle this situation?


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