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Re: abuse of Priority; was [Re: Needs sponsor for qtcups]

On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 12:16:25PM -0000, dune@home.pl wrote:
> I am patient and I am not worry.
> But I think you should first send me above your message privately only
> before blaming me in such public way. 
So that everybody else who is annoyed by the priority also send you a
private mail? Waste of resources I think.

> This is not a good example of netiquette for many young people 
> (not like me) which want to join Debian developers.

That was a very friendly answer. Have you ever participated in a
debian-flamewar? If you want to become a developer, you better get used to
harsh answers, developers are only friendly towards users, not to fellow

*DUCK* ;-)


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