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Re: License issue

Oliver M . Bolzer <oliver@gol.com>:

> OUT. Undoubtly against DFSG point 6.

> OUT. Undoubtly against DFSG point 3, also the exceptions of point 4 are
> not applicible.

> Again point 5

All right. As I thought, then.

> Maybe you could try to convince upstream to change the licence. He wants
> to have an "opensource" licence, but as the current licence is not DFSG-free,
> it is not opensource (the OpenSource guidelines were created based on the
> DFSG).

I just sent off an e-mail to him, asking for advice on the issue. Let's
see what the answer is.

> And BTW, the apropriate forum for this discussion would be debian-legal
> where all the expoerts on these matter live.

Oh, sorry. I'll remember that next time (I'm still quite new to being a
Debian developer).

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