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Re: help with my first packages

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Joergen Haegg wrote:

> > libio-stty-perl is corrected, libexpect-perl not. You should do that as
> > well (look at the .diff.gz files with diffstat).

> Hmm, I could only see a few unused example files in the debian directory.
> Was it them you meant?

No, libexpect-perl was still missing the "make realclean" when I
downloaded it on that day, but that's corrected now.

> dpkg-source: building libio-stty-perl in libio-stty-perl_0.02-1.diff.gz
> shell-init: could not get current directory: No such file or directory

Hrm, these are caused by directories being deleted while someone is cd'ed
to it (usually with NFS). Your packages are not causing this... :-)

Okay, I've found only one last thing: The perl modules in libio-stty are
chmod +x, while the module in libexpect is not. Other than that, the
packages seem to be fine.


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