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Help with new packages

I am trying to get a collection of debs together to
support tomcat 4.0 (avalable from
http://jakarta.apache.org/ ) installations.  Tomcat
depends on:

 * jdk 1.3 (or jdk 1.2.2 with jndi) available from http://www.blackdown.org/
 * xerces available from http://packages.debian.org/unstable/
 * ant available from http://packages.debian.org/unstable/
 * jakarta-regexp which is currently unavailable
 * jakarta-servletapi-4.0 which is currently unavailable
 * jsse which is only available as a zip from Sun
 * jms which is only available as a zip from Sun

To this end, I've started building deb files. So far,
I've only built a libjsse which installs all of the files
in the latest release of jsse from Sun. I've tested it on
my machine, and it seems to work, but I'd like to get
some feedback from someone who has actually released a
deb package.

Where/what should I post in order to get some feedback?


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