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Re: Making a package with multiple binaries

Manu thanks for all your help, I am now successfully building multiple
binaries! I used configure with VPATH to build and install with DESTDIR.
However, there are a few things I would like to clarify:

Is it ok to put a symlink in /usr/doc to link stcolortool to

I modified the following target (from the debhelper rules.multi2 example)
to depend on build and install, otherwise nothing would be installed. Is
this acceptable (I am using DH_COMPAT=2)?

binary-arch: build install
        $(MAKE) -f debian/rules DH_OPTIONS=-a binary-common

I am getting strange errors from lintian:

roger@mars:~/epson$ lintian -i stcolortool_0.3.1-0_i386.changes 
internal error: cannot open unpacked/debian/ directory: No such file or directory
internal error: collect info debfiles about package stcolortool: No such file or directory
N: Skipping check of source package stcolortool

It still found a few bugs (no dh_strip and man-in-usr), but I always get
this error even when the package is clean. Is the potato lintian broken?
(I had no problems with the slink version).

If I want the packages to be mutually exclusive, should I use Conflicts:
as well as Replaces: (when I did not put in a Conflicts:, I could install
both at once, seemingly, although one must have been overwritten).

Many thanks,

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