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Re: I made a script for auto. creating build-depends


On Wed, 26.07.00 19:36 -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> Ok, here's a slightly better version. This tarball also includes a debian/
> directory so you can make this a package.
I improved it even more and now I have a patched dpkg-buildpackage, that
runs the strace command and saves the output in debian/strace.debhelper.
Then there is a dh_builddeps that should be placed in the rules file 
somewhere near dh_shlibdeps and which calculates the build dependencies 
from the strace file and adds it to (or creates) the "Build-Depends:" line 
in the ../*dsc file.  
Of course I also patched dh_clean to remove this strace.debhelper file.

I will mail the patches for dh_builddeps, dpkg-buildpackage and dh_clean
to their maintainers as wishlist bugs as I don't like to send tar 
files to this list.  

> Ben


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