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Updating gnupg

Hi. I'm trying to update gnupg on my debian 2.2 system with a new source
tree that came out yesterday.

I read the gnu maintainers  guide about updating  packages and when I ran
uupdate -u  ../gnupg-1.0.2.tar.gz

When it did the patch the only thing that failed was the patching of the
man page.
What I did was switched to the new source directory and then went in to
doc where the patch had failed and there was a file called man.1.rej or
something like that.
I'm assuming that some of the man page didn't get included.
I went ahead anyways with the rest of the process of building the package
and everything worked, but the man page didn't get compiled in to the
How do I include the page in the package like it should be?


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