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Re: docbook-doc

It's a question for debian-legal.

J r me Marant wrote:
> The copyright is (from the site):
> The online version(s) of this book are available for personal use.
> You may not publish, display elsewhere, or
>                                            otherwise redistribute 
>                                                                   the
> material from this book, without express, written consent from
> O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.=20
> >From oreilly site:
> DocBook: the Definitive Guide is copyright O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
> Visitors to this site may view this online copy of the book and =
> download
> it if they wish. They are prohibited from displaying it at another Web
> site or distributing it in hardcopy form, for commercial purposes or
> otherwise, without the explicit written permission of O'Reilly & =
> Associates, Inc.=20
> Do I have the right to distribute (package) the onlive version ?

It clearly says you don't.  You can't even put it under a
publicly visible part of your web server if you download it for
personal use.


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