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Re: Including debian directory in CVS, or not.

Peter S Galbraith:

> I could add the debian directory to CVS and to `make source' such
> that it becomes part of the upstream tar file.  Good idea?

I think so. They don't do any harm to others, and it's good to have all the
files in one place.

> On the other hand, uploading it to Debian as PKG_VSN.tar.gz seems
> wrong because there is a true upstream tar file.

I don't see a problem with that. I use the same scheme for a program I have
written which is in Debian. I am not the Debian maintainer (yet, I'm in the
NM-queue), but the package is sponsored, and the original tar.gz file (as
available on my website) has the debian files. I also have numbered the
Debian version number without the -# stuff at the end (but I still include
both my "real" changelog and a changelog.Debian).

If I do any "Debian-only" updates to it (to close bug-reports without
releasing a "true" new version), I'd probably tack a -1 to the end of the
version number, so that it goes grows something like 1.4 -> 1.4-1 -> 1.5

In an instance where I have access to the CVS (jwhois), I have added the
Debian scripts to the CVS, and they are available in the original source
distribution, as well.

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