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Re: dpkg-perl

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>>>>> "Zed" == Zed Pobre <zed@resonant.org> writes:

    Zed> --jI8keyz6grp/JLjh

    Zed> On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 02:39:13PM +1000, skud@netizen.com.au wrote:


    Zed> There are two caveats that become immediately visible to me
    Zed> upon inspection.  The first is that dpkg-perl is flagged
    Zed> Essential, so other packages can make use of it without
    Zed> declaring an explicit dependencies.  This means that you'll
    Zed> need to be very careful about changing any interface
    Zed> currently in use or introducing an interface point that you
    Zed> are planning to change later, as you run the risk of breaking
    Zed> an unknown number of packages.

Hmm, I haven't seen an Essential flag on the package... neither in
/var/lib/dpkg/available nor in the package itself.

Though you are of course correct about the implications of

    Zed> The second is that dpkg-perl isn't an independent package;
    Zed> it's part of dpkg-scriptlib which contains both dpkg-perl and
    Zed> dpkg-python.  Thus if you become the maintainer for
    Zed> dpkg-perl, you also become the maintainer for dpkg-python.
    Zed> This may not be something that you wish to do.

dpkg-perl and dpkg-python could also be separated (the dpkg-scriptlib
just bundles them up, but they are not related in any way... I took a
look at it with an eye on whether dpkg-python could be split out, and
it's easy)

I actually think that -perl and -python *should* be separate
packages... the philosophies are different, and there are probably not
many maintainers who are as proficient in python as they are in perl
(or vice versa).  (This becomes obvious when you look at the
long-standing (now fixed) dpkg-python bug that it installed itself in
the wrong directory...)

Bye, J

PS: No, I'm not volunteering to take over dpkg-python (assuming skud
wants -perl only)... at least not right now.

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