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Re: debhelper: dh_fixperms should come after dh_suidregister (was: Re: setgid stuff)

> With all due respect, I think you misunderstood the problem.
> The problem here is that "dh_fixperms" runs *before* "dh_suidregister".
> This is how dh_make, from slink does it. I have heard potato
> might be that same.
> 1. dh_fixperms removes the setuid bit.
> 2. dh_suidregister fails to register the program, since the setuid
> bit was already removed. dh_suidregister cannot remove the
> suid bit, as it was already removed.

>From the example /usr/(share/)doc/debhelper/examples/rules in potato:
	# You may want to make some executables suid here.
The comment is part of the example....



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