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policy 3.5 and error messages

Hello List

Policy section 3.5 isn't very clear about what to do when an error occurs.
Should I really just say:
"Starting proxy cache: wwwoffle ... failed" ?
Can I put a "\tSee syslog or wwwoffle.log for reasons ?" In the line below ?

E.g. I hate it when I'm starting apache and it simlpy tells me: failed.
Without reasons, this is like M$ Windows ! 

What about the following amandment:
   * In the case of an error you may write additionally information in the
     line(s) below. This output should be indented with a tab or 8 spaces.
     	Starting proxy cache: wwwoffle... failed.
	      Syntax error in /etc/wwwoffle/wwwoffle.conf line 24.
	Starting printer spooler: lpd.



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