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Re: Phone call to become debian maintainer

Doesn't it have something to do with verifying GPG/PGP fingerprints and
key signing?

On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 11:27:42PM +1000, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> The web page on becoming a debian maintainer states that my identity has to
> be verified by mail, and that i will get a phone call after hours.
> What time zone is the after hours call made ?
> Is it really necessary for someone to have to pay for an expensive long
> distance phone call to verify my identity.
> Maybe im missing the point, but i would have thought that any verification
> that could be done via voice could be done via the net. Unless you need to
> identify an individuals voice or something?
> I dont mean this to sound like im winging, i want to become part of the
> team, and will do whats required, im just trying to understand the reasoning
> behind it, and to clarify the process.
> Thanks
> Glenn McGrath
> Glenn.McGrath@jcu.edu.au
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