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RE: protocol: closing bugs

On 07-Oct-99 Dpk wrote:
> I recently adopted dhcpcd, and have made 3 uploads to close almost 20
> bugs against the potato version, which includes daemons for both 2.0.x
> and 2.(1, 2 ,and soon 3).x kernels.
> I am looking at the remaining bugs which are, for the most part, filed
> against the slink version of dhcpcd, which only includes the 2.0.x
> kernel daemon.  Most of the bugs do not exist in my potato package, so
> are these bugs still suppose to be open?  Or do they stay open until
> potato is released?  Or should I try to update the slink version of
> dhcpcd as well (wouldn't think so since it is already stable)?
> Any advice is appreciated on how to handle this.

joeyh and myself worked on the new slink release.  It has not been made
official yet.  It includes a 2.2 kernel and a back-port of dhcp.

That said, yes, I would keep them open until potato is released.

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