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Moving files and Conflicts/Replaces

I am adopting the pilot-link package, which is split into (among others)
pilot-link and pilot-link-tcl.  In the previous package, a tcl script
was left in the pilot-link package, which made it depend on tcl/tk and
therefore X.  I want to move this file to pilot-link-tcl, and have done
so by placing the filename in debian/pilot-link-tcl.files.  The problem
is that when I upgrade to the new packages, the installation of
pilot-link-tcl fails unless the new pilot-link has already been
installed, because the script exists in both the old pilot-link and the
new pilot-link-tcl.  My first thought was to add Conflicts: pilot-link
(<< 0.9.3-1), but according to the Packaging Manual, Conflicts should
never have an 'earlier than' clause.  Is there a smooth way to handle
this, or will the users have to make two separate install passes?

Ben Darnell              bgdarnel@unity.ncsu.edu

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