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Re: VRweb Sponsor upload.

> How I do this so?

Zebra is sort of co-maintained. I am sponsoring Endre
Hirling who is doing a great job in maintaing zebra. I
tend to recompile the package and I (/we) set the maintainer
to (in this example) "Endre Hirling and Alexander Koch"
with an address that is rather oviously an alias

The build is done as usual and the signing with my PGP key.

No problems so far and zebra helps me quite a lot wrt to
IPv6 things I do and no-one really wants to think about [1].


[1] IPv6 is a) crab and b) only made up for ensuring some
    sysadmins will survive the y2k problem... i keep
    thinking that at least, scnr. :)

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