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Re: porting a package

Christopher C Chimelis <chris@beezer.med.miami.edu> writes:

> Currently, Alpha has a mailing list that's like a quinn-diff "on
> steroids" that gives the Alpha porters a list of what's different between
> i386 and alpha.  We usually work from that rather than rely on
> debian-devel-changes.  It might help to have someone set up a list
> providing a similar service for i386.

I dunno, most porters I know just use the buildd logs (failed builds
only) or quinn-diff auto-maintained lists on the web at
buildd.debian.org .

> In my opinion, it's best for the maintainers to compile their own packages
> on other arches if possible (using the many build hosts that Debian has on
> the net) and just ask for testing from the arch lists prior to uploading
> the new package(s).

I don't think this is really a very practical suggestion.

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