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Re: Ownership of data files

Bjoern Brill <brill@samson.math.uni-frankfurt.de> writes:
> I'm working on a program that collects information to be used by the sys
> admin. I don't want the collected information to be world writable (even
> though this wouldn't be a security hole), but I want the program to run
> from user accounts (with write access to its data).
> Obviously, I have to make it SUID or SGID to something then, with
> 'something' being the owner of the programs data files, but I'd like
> to avoid 'something' to be root, if possible. Is there a predefined user
> or group in Debian I can use for this purpose or do I have to create one
> in an install script?

You should be able to create a group during installation (remove it,
perhaps, during purge?).  I think this is kosher.

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