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RE: upstream author == debian maintainer

On 23-Jul-99 Radovan Garabik wrote:
> While waiting to become a debian maintainer, I am trying to
> "polish" my package(s), and I have a few questions:
> 1) I am the author of program I am packaging. To save myself 
> some work, I have packaged it as a native debian package. Is this
> allowed? (There was some discussion about it a long time ago, 
> and it seemed possible to do so)

No reason why not.

> 2) Since debian/changelog and CHANGES are the same (obviously), I 
> could symlink one file to another. Which way it is better?
> CHANGES -> debian/changelog or debian/changelog -> CHANGES ?
> Or should I keep debian/changelog just a description of changes made to
> package (such as recompiling against newer glibc), and CHANGES for
> everything else?

A packaging changelog and then a code changelog is likely a good idea here.

> 3) I am using debhelper. When it is updated to FHS, will it automatically
> move document and manpages to /usr/share? (I think so... just asking to be
> sure)

I suspect so, will know more when joey hess makes debhelper fhs complient.

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