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Re: question about porting...

Quoting "Collins M.  Ben " <bmc@visi.net>:

> Most likely the porters who run the autobuild systems will let you know of
> any compile problems. Being a sparc autobuild system maintainer, I can
> report
> that rrdhcpd compiles fine on sparc, however the build setup is broke
> horribly
> since it tries to install into the live filesystem instead of debian/tmp
> where they should be. I'm not sure how you got a working package out of
> this
> but it wont build right from the source you've uploaded.
> I personally wont build this on sparc until that is fixed. I would have
> filed
> a bug report by now, but sparc unstable is so far behind, I have had little
> time.

ack!  The only report I had was another stupid problem...

crap.  Ok...I will go hack up rrdhcp and get it to go where it should.  I
thought I had that worked out...I must have updated the src and forgot to fix
the Makefiles.


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