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Re: question about porting...

On Wed, Apr 21, 1999 at 10:23:54AM -0700, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> (how do we know if packages we create work on other platforms?)
> (rrdhcp and rrlogin) are not.  I build them on i386 systems and have no clue
> (other than the author saying they "should" work on other platforms) whether
> they will compile/work on say m68k, hurd, sparc platforms.  

The port ppl check if it compiles and check buildlogs.

> So...I upload them under a "any" clause, the m68k,sparc,etc ppl suck them up,
> compile them on their systems and.... (?) . Do they test them out or do they
> just upload them into the distribution and wait to see if anyone who uses them
> finds problems in them?

Some packages are easy to test but others don't. Eg you don't set up a
list-server every time you compile it. Checking is the least you can do

> If there is a problem, who is responsible for fixing it?  (ie,) if say rrlogind
> has problems on sparc systems, who handles this?  if it were i386 it would be me
> in conjunction with the author, but since I don't have access to a sparc debian
> system I can only assume it's not me but rather the person who is doing the
> porting.

If the bug is port specific, mention it on the port list or contact the
uploader of your package (if you can trace him). Most likely they solve it for
you and send the patch. If it's a source question i386 should suffer as well
and you have to step in :)

> Are my conclusions pretty much correct?
> Is there a way for me to have access to debian (sparc/hurd/m68k/etc...) systems
> to do porting on so that this responsibility layes with me?
  There are net-connected systems. Be aware that all ports have their specific


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