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Re: packaging GnuDIP ....

Randolph Chung wrote:
> so people seem to really want this package fast :) need some advice on this
> though -- there are really three different things that the gnudip package
> talks to -- the web server, the DNS server and the MySQL database.
> Potentially, these can all be on different machines. How does one write
> sane installation scripts that handle all the possible combinations? Or
> should I just worry about the "common" case (where everything runs on one
> machine), and trust the sysadmin to know what s/he's doing if the setup is
> more complex?

It's certinaly a good idea to not make the package depend on the dns, web,
and mysql servers. It could probably get away with reccommending (or at
least suggesting) them. It's fine to assume that it'll be used in the common
fashion, presumably anyone who knows enough to want to split the server off
onto other machines will be capable of editing a config file.

In general a good guidline to aim for is to make sure a package works out of
the box for the most common ways it'll be used, and just make sure you allow
for the possibility of the more exotic ways it can be used.

see shy jo

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