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RE: Package replacement

What you want is to use the /etc/alternatives directory and update-alternatives.

On 29-Dec-98 Shane Wegner wrote:
> Hi,
> I am rather new to Debian and am wondering if someone here would be able
> to point me in the right direction.  So far, when I install a source
> package, I Debianize it first.  This way I can pull it out again and
> install it on other systems.  I've come across a package however that has
> stumped me.  I am trying to install a new and more user friendly version
> of the write(1) utility.  The trick is that it replaces /usr/bin/write and
> /usr/bin/mesg.  Also it adds some other programs but those are easy.  Now,
> when I pull it out, I'd like for the old /usr/bin/write and /usr/bin/mesg
> to come back.  Does Debian have anything in place to facilitate this and
> if so, is there a document which explains how to do it with debhelper?
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