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No upstream version, et al

Hi Debian developers,

I'm still very new in creating Debian packages, so here are two of
my silly questions :)

Q1: What should be the version of a package if the upstream source does
    not have a version number? Should I use yymmdd or yyyymmdd as the

Q2: Currently I'm packaging a program that lets people install Newton
    programs to their PDA from Linux. As this program requires access
    permission to the serial ports, only root can use the program in
    normal condition. But I also want the program can be used by common
    users, so what should I do?  Just inform people to add users to the
    group 'dialout' in postinst?  Or suid/sgid the program?


anthony.    [ E-mail: hajime@asunaro.ml.org / ICQ UIN: C30E6 ]

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