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Re: which shared lib is used, when system is not rebooted?

At 08:51 -0500 1998-12-23, Scott K. Ellis wrote:
As far as I've been able to tell, when you install a new library in
Debian, it is used for all NEW processes but no running processes.  When
you install something as large as new X librarys or a new libc, it is
probably a wise idea to reboot though, since it will free up some memory
taken by the old libc (which can't really be completely freed out due to
init using it).

Recent versions of sysvinit have a magic "u" runlevel (similar to the "q" runlevel), this runlevel causes init to "re-exec" itself, a process by which a new invocation of init replaces the current one. The sysvinit and libc6 packages both call `init u' in their postinsts, so even your example above is no longer a convincing reason to reboot.
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