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Re: Trouble Building with Original Sources

On Sat, Dec 19, 1998 at 05:08:50PM -0600, Paul Serice wrote:
> In the upper directory are the following files:
>     crafty-16.2/                crafty_16.2-1_i386.changes
>     crafty-16.2.orig.tar.gz     crafty_16.2-1_i386.deb
>     crafty_16.2-1.dsc           crafty_16.2-1_i386.upload
>     crafty_16.2-1.tar.gz
> The "crafty-16.2.orig.tar.gz" (with a hyphen) file existed before I ran
> "build."  I might have misread the "The New-Maintainer's Debian

dpkg-source will not use the hyphenated one. Since the underscored one
did not exist, dpkg-source built a new one, containing the debian
directory as well.

> When I try to build using "crafty_16.2.orig.tar.gz" (with an underscore
> instead), I get the following error message.
>     dpkg-source: building crafty using existing crafty_16.2.orig.tar.gz
>     dpkg-source: error: crafty_16.2.orig.tar.gz extracted into >1 directory
> After this error has stopped "build", a directory called
> "crafty_16.2.orig.tar.gz.tmp-nest" exists in the upper directory with
> the original source extracted into it.

It thinks that the .orig.tar.gz has multiple top level directories, and it
can't cope. I don't think there is any solution, except to unpack it, clean
it up and repack it. Pristine source is preferred but sometimes changes
are unavoidable.

> Another thing that might be of interest is that the original tarball
> unpacks to the current directory instead of creating its own
> subdirectory.

Perhaps that's the problem, but I think that is normally ok.

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