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pgp signing ...

Hello, ...

i became debian developper recently, and am using a pgp id in the form of my
name, followed by my private email address.

now i actually began to build packages, and i figured it would be best to put
my debian email address in the maintainer field instead of my private one.

so i did 

cd package-version

and promptly i had a source package that i modified as needed.

but then, when i tried to build the package with dpkg-buildpackage, pgp
complained about not finding Sven LUTHER <luther@debian.org> which is normal
since i used my private address when building my pgp secret key ...

so now i have a few questions :

* is there a dpkg-buildpackage option to give the pgp id to use ?
* is it possible to change the pgp id in the keyring ? 
* or should i ask the pgp-stuff maintainer of debian to use a new pgp-id that i
  will generate in the form of Sven LUTHER <luther@debian.org>, to avaoid
  problems in the future ?
Also is there somewhere a debian&pgp manual, howto or faq ?

actually i think all this would easier if we had a program that did
authentification that was special for debian, and that integrates with dpkg and
friends better than that pgp does. also this would protect me from my
governement who is considering me a dangerous terrorist because i used pgp to
sign a debian package ...



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