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Re: Rebuild process

> jdg@maths.qmw.ac.uk (Julian Gilbey) writes:
> > (4) cd .. and then run: lintian foobar_1.1-4.changes.  If there are
> >     any errors (shown with E: and non-zero exit code; don't worry
> >     about E: newer-standards-version if it comes up), go back to step
> >     (1) again.
> Eh, you forgot something rather important...
>   (4a) Install the package and test it to make sure you didn't break
>        anything.

Erm, yes, forgot that bit!!

You must check that you can do the following successfully, and that
the package works after you have done each one:

(a) Upgrade from the previous version and from the version in hamm.
(b) Downgrade back again.
(c) Install the package as a new package (i.e., with no previous
    version installed).



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