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Re: Multi-platform packages

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Goldman <whig@by.net> writes:

    Mike> I have a package (oo2c, an optimizing Oberon-2 compiler)
    Mike> which is presently released for i386.  A bug-report was
    Mike> filed against it, that it did not build on Alpha [...]

    Mike> Assuming that I can manage to create a working Alpha
    Mike> executable, nevertheless I am not sure how then to go about
    Mike> releasing a multi-platform package?  Does there have to be a
    Mike> separate Alpha maintainer, Sparc maintainer, etc.? 

Maybe the person who filed the bug report (and thus tried to compile
it on alpha) would be willing to be the alpha maintainer.  You would
still be the source (and i386) maintainer, but s/he would at her/his
discretion rebuild the package whenever you release a new update.

Otherwise, you are in no way obligated to provide support for machine
architectures that you do not have available to yourself.

-tor (Even newer, just spouting my understanding of things)

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