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debmake radically breaks Debian Policy -- other pkgs conffiles

Package: debmake
Version: 3.5.15
Severity: normal

debmake is guilty of allowing, indeed, seeming to encourage packages
to modify the conffiles of other packages.

>From Policy v.

  Only packages that are tagged conflicting with each other may specify
  the same file as conffile. A package may not modify a configuration
  file of another package.

>From /usr/bin/debstd, line 299:

  # etc files that could need some tweaking
  for i in services inittab crontab protocols profile shells rpc shells \
    syslog.conf conf.modules modules aliases \
    X11/Xresources X11/config X11/window-managers X11/xinit ; do
    if [ -f $3$i ]; then
      cat /usr/lib/deb-make/etc.first.postinst $3$i \
        /usr/lib/deb-make/etc.last.postinst | addscript postinst
      addscript postrm </usr/lib/deb-make/etc.postrm

>From /usr/lib/deb-make/etc.first.postinst

  # etc file modification generated by debmake #DATE#
  if ! grep -q '#-- #PACKAGE# begin' /etc/#FILE#; then
        cat >>/etc/#FILE# <<EOF
  #-- #PACKAGE# begin

This really should be a 'critical' bug, I think, but I'd hate to wreak
such havoc on slink release.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Why not, but why does debstd provide the possibilitry of modifying :
> - /etc/aliases
> - /etc/syslog.conf
> - /etc/inetd.conf
> - /etc/services
> - /etc/inittab
> - /etc/protocols
> - /etc/profile
> - /etc/modules
> - /etc/X11/window-managers
> - probably some others
> It seems to me unlogical since debstd should help the developers
> to follow the Debian Policy... Should we consider that debstd is out of 
> date ?

It was written before it was against policy to modify conffiles, and it is
not being kept up to date with policy. If you want a policy complient
debstd, install debhelper and use dh_debstd (or just use debhelper ;-).

see shy jo

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