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Intent to package Aspell but need help....

I plan on packaging my new Aspell program which is an ispell like spell
that does a *much* better job of comming up with suggestions than ispell does.

However there are several compex issues I am not sure how to deal with.

1) In order to work correctly a patch must be applied to one of the files in
   libstdc++ before it is compiled.  I submitted the patch to the egcs
   development team however I am don't think it will be included as the
   bug will be fixed as soon as they switch to the latest version of SGI's
   STL (egcs 1.2 at least, defiantly not egcs 1.1.anything)

2) It can function as an ispell replacement if ispell is renamed to
   and a symbolic link is created form aspell to ispell (or a shell script)

3) In order for it to work correctly with (x)emacs it requires that one of the
   ispell list program is recombined with another patch to fix the ordering 
   problem or the -reverse parameter is used when calling aspell (via a shell 

4) It can double as an independent C++ (and possible C) library.

This is my first time I attempted to package anything so I am really clueless 

BTW. It lacks many of the advanced featurs that ispell has so in some cases 
the user may still wish to use ispell as the spell checker.

Thanks in advance.

You can find my program at http://sunsite.unc.edu/kevina/aspell/.
(The lisp patch is not included yet, however)

Kevin Atkinson

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