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cvs-buildpackage & co

I'm trying to inject all my packages into CVS with the help
of cvs-inject. So far so good. It gets a little confusing
when I check them out again.

I'm trying to follow the scheme set in README.gz, but I think
I understand it wrongly. I did a checkout on the debian_source...
tag in /usr/local/src/Work. This seems correct. Then I did a
checkout on the upstream_source... tag in /usr/local/src/Packages.
I suspect that is not intended. When I do cvs-buildpackage it
puts the files together with the unpacked upstream source.

Am I supposed to put the upstream tarball in /usr/local/src/Packages?
I know it's not that important, but I suppose I should try to
copy the routines of those more experienced in the matter.

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