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Re: Packaging/maintaining questions (one-liner)

>> "JS" == Jamey Sharp <sharp.one@bigfoot.com> writes:

JS> OK, after moving the manpage from /usr/man to /usr/X11R6/man lintian
JS> stopped complaining. But I was using debstd to place the man page, why
JS> didn't it put it in the right place?

Because debstd is not up-to-date with the standard. The debhelper
package is the way to go now, if you want to use a helper
package. Check /usr/doc/debhelper for infos about translating a debstd 
based rules file to debhelper.

It is quite easy actually.

Yes, the docs in the developer's corner are outdated :-(

JS> I was more interested in knowing if there was more documentation or
JS> something that I should have added, but I suppose that would get filed
JS> in bug reports...?

I think you have fulfiled the requirements. But you can always add
more info if you have some or if you think it will make it easier to
use it (examples and such).


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