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Re: Why only one non-free section?

On Tuesday 15 September 1998, at 8 h 53, the keyboard of Sven 
<luther@dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:

> also another concern for this peoples is the right to modification 
> of the software, someone can take the software modify it and then sell it, 
> without according credits to the true author,
  This is not possible, even under the very relaxed BSD licence, not even 
speaking of the GPL.

> or giving some of the money back to it.

Correct. If you *require* money for your software, it is no longer free.

> how can a university make a financing deal with a private company to exploit 
> one of their product, if said company can just grab the source and develop it f
> or themself.

The University can provide (for a fee), help, support, etc to the company. 

[BTW, these are really *basic* problems of free software. In France, see the 
newsgroup fr.comp.applications.libres for instance.]

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