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Re: /var/state ?

Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> wrote:

> On Wed 02 Sep 1998, Paul Slootman wrote:
> > I'm in the process of packaging linpopup (a winpopup lookalike). It
> I've put an initial version of linpopup in ~paul on master, so if anyone
> wants to have a look...

I've just installed this thing, and everything looks ok to me.. But there is,
however a lintian warning:

  [ttyp6.papadoc]$ lintian -c linpopup_0.9.1-1_i386.deb 
  W: linpopup: wrong-name-for-upstream-changelog usr/doc/linpopup/CHANGES

Should be 'changelog'. I also have a little wishlist.

  1. Find a way to add the 'message command' line automaticly.
     This is just to simplify for beginners, no big deal.

  2. Tell the user they have to have linpopup started to be able to
     receive messages. The 'message command' is only used to _SEND_
     messages. This took me about 5 minutes to figgure out, but a
     beginner might not be able to realize that just because there
     is a 'message command' line, samba will not open the linpopup
     window. This is just for clarification, no bigger deal.

  3. In the control file you say:

     Description: Xwindow port of Winpopup, running over Samba
       LinPopUp is a Xwindow port of Winpopup, running over Samba.
       It allows a linux system to communicate with a windows computer that
       runs Winpopup, sending or receiving message.  It also provides an
       alternative way to communicate between Linux computers that run Samba.

     Why say the same thing twice? (line 1 and 2). Just remove the second line
     ('LinPopUp is a ....').

> If there wasn't an entry already, I show a message about what to do, and
> that same message is preloaded into the linpopup message file, so that
> starting linpopup will redisplay that message. That should get the
> message across :-)

It sure did... I don't know if there where any problem with the install, or
if it was my fault, but after installation, I tried to send some messages
with smbclient, which nothing hapened (since I haven't started linpopup, I
thought samba should take care of that... The 'message command' line... :)

But when I finaly started linpopup every message I've been trying to send,
appered, one by one, where your message where the first  _AND THE LAST_ !?!?!?
And that last message kept apering over and over, making 'delete all' almost

> If anyone has any comments on this, please let me know; otherwise I'll
> upload it next week.

Good work! I needed this software... I tried a compilation and installation
on my own just when you anounced your intent in this, but didn't get it to
work... (I hate/am to lazy to read manuals :)

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